How Many Blog Posts Do I Need in Reserve?

A week ago, I did something really, really stupid.

I opened the car door, put my hand on the roof of the car and let the children get out from the back of it. And then I slammed the car door. Only I didn’t move my hand.

The pain was immense but the kids were there, so I only swore once. A mild, gentle swear word, and then I opened the car door and released my finger.

It happened so quick I didn’t quite realise that random act of stupidity would actually break my finger and put me out of blogging action for six weeks.

You see; I broke my typing finger. I half touch type and now I can’t use my main typing finger…

From this painful experience, I realised that I need at least six weeks worth of posts in reserve for when I commit one of my random acts of stupidity (and believe me, there are plenty of those, from a broken wrist to slipping over in the snow).

It seems that I was half prepared for this to happen as I have 156 posts in drafts waiting to be perfected in some way or another. It was time to let my children go, or give them away as Joey would say.

It’s strange having that many blog posts in reserve, some 99% prepared and some just 20% ready, and it wasn’t a planned strategy.

Luckily, my clients have given me some extra time to complete projects. I type very slowly left handed…
Do you have a plan for when life gets in the way of blogging?

Should you even have a plan for when you can’t type? I think so, and the broken wrist taught me that Dragon does not understand my east London accent, so I couldn’t speak my posts.

Blog Plan #1 Extra posts per month.

If you currently post four times a month, could you increase it to five times a month so you build up a reserve? For when “just in case” happens?

A little extra here and there can make a big difference. For me it gave me an extra 150+ posts.

Blog Plan #2 Comments

If you can’t write a full post, can you comment? It might be worth stripping the dates for your blog posts and then going on a mega blog commenting spree. Shorter bursts of writing, less strain and reaching potential newcomers to your blog, who at first glance, won’t notice that you are not posting as often.

Note to self, do this ASAP.

Blog Plan #3 Guest posts

Guest posts could fill the gap quite nicely, but I wasn’t planning to break my finger and there are few people who wish to guest post about transport.

Luckily, I have a newsletter for my personal blog, and I’ve asked my readers if they would like to guest post whilst I get my mojo back. I may have to offer them a hard hat and safety equipment as an incentive 😉

Do you have an emergency plan for your blog? Share with us your tips on how you cover your blog in an emergency. I’d love to know how you plan for when life gets in the way.